Benchmark Study

In times of growing competition and decreasing budget in your company surely arises the question how to profit from implementation of GIB Dispo-Cockpit. What benefit can you achieve with this add-on certified by SAP? How do these solutions contribute to the optimization your SCM processes in order to generate competitive advantages for your company?

Regarding this question GIB decided to critically question the tangible advantage for our customers.The impact of GIB Dispo-Cockpit implementation on competitiveness has been analyzed. The average implementation time and ROI period have been reviewed, as well as the average increase of service level and the average decrease of stocks or missing parts quota.

  • implementation time ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months
  • ROI is achieved within 3 weeks to 9 months
  • service level is increased by 5% to 23%
  • stock is reduced by 18% to 42%
  • missing parts quota is reduced by 27% to 47%"