Analyze Potentials, Simulate Service Level:
GIB Dispo-Cockpit for inventory optimization

GIB Dispo-Cockpit Controlling helps you to realize a sustainable inventory optimization requiring a minimum expenditure of time.

You will be supported by industry-specific rule sets, based upon any number of dimensions, e.g. delivery classes, product life cycle such as LRODI, value (ABC), constancy (XYZ) and many more. These rule sets can be implemented into GIB Dispo-Cockpit as pre-configured industry content. The pre-configuration reduces product launch time and leads to a higher degree of efficiency.

GIB Dispo-Cockpit Controlling Dashboard allows the control of inventory and MRP from one central application. By determination of certain indicators such as capital turnover and range of coverage you will obtain – automated through application of rule set – an optimum proposition for adjusting your MRP parameters. Consequence: optimization of your key figures. With ease you can realize a target-oriented navigation through your inventory key figures and obtain a crucial transparency.

Thanks to the simulation mode you can simulate the provided rule sets and their effects on stock and service level. This simulation may be calculated on the level of an individual material, of user-defined aggregation and of a whole plant as well. The simulation mode may be regarded as a kind of “learning ground” where the cooperative effects of different MRP types, lot-sizing procedures (Andler, Groff, etc.) and safety values can be forecast accurately. This ensures safety and acceptance of the application.