Save Time, Gain Overview:
GIB Dispo-Cockpit Operations for day-to-day MRP

GIB Dispo-Cockpit Operations represents the module for day-to-day business of everybody operating in the field of SCM. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts all MRP-relevant information can be retrieved and displayed graphically. These are:

  • Missing parts
  • Exceptions
  • Material master data monitoring
  • Forecasts and consumptions (graphical/tabular)
  • Vendor and purchasing information
  • Manufacturing and production order information

The user navigates through his day-today business and is able to base his MRP relevant decisions on reliable information.

Within the period details displayed in GIB Dispo-Cockpit Operations all relevant pieces of information such as receipts and issues, requirements, planned orders etc. can be presented in a timeline. This timeline can be drilled down to day, week or month and displayed both on the level of individual materials and for a material group as well. In addition, conversions of both planned orders and purchase requisitions can be initiated directly from one single user interface.

Production information such as WIP, which is crucial for many companies, is easily managed by GIB Dispo-Cockpit Operations as well. Cross-plant views on level of individual materials, BOM explosions or where-used lists can fast and easily be displayed. Topics such as cross- or intercompany business transactions are taken into account by GIB Dispo-Cockpit Operations.

Ranges of coverage based on consumption, requirements or even customer specifications can be conveniently set and controlled by traffic lights and exceptions.