„It has been really amazing, how fast and simple GIB Dispo-Cockpit was implemented in our Krone SAP system and in our logistic processes. From installation in test environment until real use in productive environment less than 6 weeks passed - and this included user training!“


„The degree of our satisfaction with GIB Dispo-Cockpit tool is well illustrated with the fact that we advised a friend company and had a live presentation on our premises. This visit contributed to their decision to buy GIB Dispo-Cockpit.“


„The implementation of GIB Dispo-Cockpit resulted in an unprecedented transparancy on MRP planning level. On this basis it is now possible to derive clear responsabilities and KPI for daily operational stock management.“


„As of today at E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH we successfully employ all modules of GIB Dispo-Cockpit family! GIB know-how and functionality of GIB Dispo-Cockpit have full acceptance from general management to end user across all departments and modules and is an inherent part of our daily work in SAP system.“


After definition of the requirements for an increase in logistics performance at Mathe rgarete Steiff GmbH the main targets have been realized by the use of GIB Dispo-Cockpit. The logistics know-how of the employees has improved. A sustained stock reduction with increased availability at the same time remains the continuous target. We are currently in the optimization phase.

GIB Dispo-Cockpit offers a considerable potential.


„It is hard to believe how somebody who had seen GIB DC in a productive environment would not want to implement it. Finally there is an application that seamlessly creates the immediate link of KPI to the effective actions on material level while being very performing and user-oriented at the same time.“